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  1. "Rage Made Beautiful" by Michelle Bolt (@episcovolquiltalong)

    I began this quilt in March of 2020 as a response to pandemic isolation. This quilt tracks the daily number of Covid+ cases and deaths due to Covid in Knox County, Tennessee, from March 1, 2020 to October 1, 2022. On May 23, 2021, the unfinished quilt top was a sermon illustration and hung from the pulpit at Knoxville’s Church of the Ascension on the feast of Pentecost. I declared that it would be completed when we reached three rows of the lightest green (low case numbers). That didn’t happen, and I had to add more deep colors to accommodate higher cases and losses in January 2022. As a priest and a mother, this quilt is infused with daily prayers and tears, art emanating from a soul cracked open — from an event that has no foreseeable end.

  2. "Eames Blocks" by Emily Doane (@missemilytaylor)

    Bold and graphic modular quilt inspired by Eames industrial design. Constructed in solid electric cotton hues. Pattern designed by Lorena Maranon.

  3. "Panda" by Caryn Hughes

  4. "Quarantine Chromatic" by Sherry Kasper

    This quilt brought color to my life during the first months of the pandemic. I machine-pieced and bound the quilt. Quilted by Debbie Best.

  5. "Winging It" by Jo Huisingh (@johuisingh)

    Using my love of bright bold colors with high contrast, this quilt was motivated by the block design reminiscent of wings using half rectangle blocks. I didn't have a vision of what the final quilt would look like. I just "winged" it until I arrived at the happy ending.

  6. "Sunny Gingham" by Paulina Marchant (@paulimarfu)

    This quilt is inspired in a painting by Michelle Grabner that hangs in the Knoxville Museum of Art.

  7. "100 Modern Quilt Blocks" by Kelly Schlang (@kelly_quilts)

    Each of the 100 blocks in this quilt was made on a different day. They incorporate some of my favorite whimsical prints and were a skill building challenge. Though the blocks themselves took 100 days, I spent 8 months in total working to put it all together. The work was well worth it to me — I smile every time I look at it! Pattern by Tula Pink. Quilted by Katie Hanson.

  8. "Journey" by Erin Keegan

    Inspired by lovely small squares of African (Ankara) fabric, the intention for this mini quilt was to show off the lovely fabric colors and design while celebrating movement.

  9. "Step Up" by Patricia Pike (@citico)

    A very traditional block, Courthouse Steps, done in bold colors and large size.

  10. "Crazy for Cubes" by Annie Mueller (@auntannie20)

    You really learn a topic by teaching it. I teach a One Block Wonder workshop that includes making cubes for visual interest. Once I really understood the cube structure and how to make it, I went to town designing this piece. It was a fun challenge for myself to draw it correctly and then translate that into fabric.

  11. "Neitherlands" by Elizabeth Rea (@elizabethquiltsplus)

    This quilt began in a workshop with Jen Carlton-Bailly at QuiltCon 2019. We signed up for a "mystery quilt" workshop, and Jen revealed the design when we arrived. My two blocks from 2019 turned into a finished quilt in 2022 as I dove deep into my fabric stash for bold prints and saturated colors. Quilted by Amanda Rucker.

  12. "Winter Geometry" by Michelle Bolt (@episcovolquiltalong)

    Snowflake foundation paper pieced mini quilt from a pattern by @thequiltyarchitect.

  13. "Solstice Roses" by Elizabeth Rea (@elizabethquiltsplus)

    The center of this quilt was pieced by hand using the English paper piecing technique. Pattern by Paper Pieces.

  14. "Big Energy" by Melissa Everett (@mne_textiles)

    Improvised shapes

  15. "Hosannah" by Rosalind Woodard

    This quilt features the Hosannah Block, which resembles the palm leaf associated with Palm Sunday.

  16. "Swoon" by Laura Laughter

    This quilt reminds me of space — stars or nebula in the dark (albeit a strangely orderly bit of the cosmos). It is also made almost entirely by fabric from the designer Giuseppe Ribaudo (@giucy_giuce), who I love. So it is a bit of a love letter to his design aesthetic. It is the second quilt I have ever pieced, so I am pretty excited about it.

  17. "Meadow" by Jennifer Grace (@jenniferlgb)

    I started this quilt in a workshop with Lizzy House and the KMQG 7 years ago. I finally finished it recently after a long hibernation! I loved how this pattern stretched my quilt making skills.

  18. "Gearing Up for 2023" by Erin Keegan

    Oh what fun to participate in the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild's quilt-along in 2022! Pulling from the steampunk fabric and playing with the blocks produced a quilt which began to speak for itself — let's all gear up for what lies ahead!

  19. "Bicoastal Flocking" by Sarah Elliott (@stitchologiesarah)

  20. "Circe Rainbow" by Sandra Rea (@reamailtn)

    Colorful half-rectangle triangles spiral across this quilt, creating a bright, bold rainbow. Quilted by Patricia Pike.

  21. "Madison Avenue Modern" by Caryn Hughes

    Made in a workshop led by Linda J. Hahn. Designed by Deborah G. Stanley for Frog Hollow Designs.

  22. "Smitten" by Kelly Schlang (@kelly_quilts)

    This quilt top was pieced entirely by hand and took over a year to complete. The black and white prints help break up the dazzling brightness of the saturated colors. Pattern by Lulu Well. Quilted by Patricia Pike.

  23. "Deco Graphic" by Jane Dunham (@dunham.jane)

    Original modern design inspired by the traditional Drunkard's Path Block curve pattern. Machine pieced and quilted.

"Radiata" by members of the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild (@knoxmqg)

This quilt was created for QuiltCon 2023's Community Outreach Quilt Challenge. Our quilt design is inspired by the unique shell markings on a radiated tortoise (species name Astrochelys radiata) in residence at the Knoxville Zoo. Members used foundation paper piecing and a controlled selection of colors to create the radiating blocks and establish the color shift from green to dark teal. Applique circles at the block intersections enhance the color shift while evoking the tortoise's markings. Designed by Melissa Everett and Emily Doane. Quilted by Patricia Pike.


Mystery Purple Mini Quilt Challenge

KMQG members were given purple fabric (the exact color a mystery, as it was part of a large fabric donation) and challenged to make a 20-inch square mini quilt using the purple fabric (on the front! no hiding it on the back!) and one or more characteristics of modern quilting as defined by the Modern Quilt Guild.
  1. Sandra Rea

  2. Janne Beynon

  3. Betsy Friedrich

  4. Christy Cooper

  5. Paulina Marchant

  6. Nancy Jones

  7. Jo Huisingh

  8. Erin Keegan

  9. Caryn Hughes

  10. Sherry Kasper

  11. Kelly Schlang

  12. Michelle Bolt

  13. Elizabeth Rea

  14. Diana Bishop

  15. Melissa Everett

  16. Merikay Waldvogel

  17. Emily Doane

  18. Patricia Pike

  19. Elaine White

  20. Annie Mueller

  21. Jane Dunham