Tuesday, July 12, 2016

May Meeting Recap

Our May meeting was all about color! We welcomed Ashley Pace, instructor of Color Theory at UT, as a guest lecturer. Ashley condensed a semester's worth of syllabus into just a few hours to teach us news ways of thinking about colors and the interactions between them. We learned about Josef Albers and his Interaction of Color and even got to play around a little with swatches to explore hue, saturation, and value.

Members who participated in the "Thoroughly Modern Minis" TN Modern Mini Quilt Swap also brought in their minis for show and tell before mailing them to the recipients. We had a little fun with the minis, giving everyone a chance to vote for their favorite. Jennifer Grace was the winner with her crisp white mini with improv color bars. Congrats, Jennifer!

Jennifer's guild favorite mini quilt - and Melissa Everett's on the table at left
Emily Doane's color wheel mini quilt, a sample for a class she taught recently

Quilt by Sarah Elliot