Sunday, January 28, 2018

January 2018 Meeting Recap

It's a new year for the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild! We kicked off 2018 with a great meeting in January -- and welcomed a few guests who decided to become members!

If you would like to join the guild, we'd love to have you! Dues are $40 for the year -- contact for information. In addition to early access (and often a price break) for guild-organized activities such as workshops and retreats, membership in the local guild also carries perks of membership in our parent organization, the Modern Quilt Guild. Along with early access and price breaks for the annual QuiltCon convention, the MQG website is full of great resources like webinars, free patterns, and more inspiration than you could ever want. You can find out more about the MQG here.

Speaking of the MQG, the deadline for shipping mini quilts for the swap is Feb 16.

We are participating in a charity block drive that the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild has organized to provide quilts to California residents who suffered losses in the Thomas Fire in December and January. Information about the fire and the charity efforts is available here. The KMQG is collecting the requested Perkiomen Block -- instructions are posted on the Ventura MQG home page as well as here. Blocks are due at the February meeting. Please follow the light/dark color value placement in the illustration.

The KMQG officers are hard at work planning for a great year (and keeping up with all the less exciting guild business) and have decided to organize 4 volunteer committees to help get more members involved and share the workload. Volunteers who signed up for the following committees (thank you!) will work with the corresponding officer: QuiltCon Charity (Jennifer), Quilt Show (Michelle), Hospitality (Michelle), and Programming (Sarah).

And now for some show and tell:

Ginger Swail

Liz Upchurch

Michelle Bolt, for the Whistlestop Quilt Retreat
Elizabeth Rea

Christy Cooper

Jean Bentley, for the Whistlestop Quilt Retreat

Jean Bentley

Cathy Parks

Maggie Lourim

Next meeting: Saturday, February 17 at 10:15 (social) or 10:30 (start) at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Knoxville

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

December 2017 Meeting Recap

Our December meeting was a blend of our regular business and our holiday party, and we had a great crowd -- I think it was our highest attendance for the year! Here's a recap of what went down:

We held our election (motion passed by voice vote) and welcomed our officers to their roles for 2018:
  • Chair: Jennifer Grace
  • Special Events Coordinator: Michelle Bolt
  • Education Coordinator: Sarah Elliott
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Rea
  • Treasurer: Christy Cooper
Thank you to longtime leader Melissa Everett for all her time and effort spent making the KMQG what it is! We know Melissa will enjoy being a regular, active member for a change!

Our submission for the QuiltCon 2018 charity challenge is on its way to completion! Thanks to all the members who pieced portions of the top. We'll share more photos of the quilt when it's complete and on its way to Pasadena to hang at QuiltCon.

We combined our usual Show & Tell with our holiday gift swap, and the results were awesome! Back in October, participants tucked fabric and a wish list into unmarked paper bags, and we each took a bag on our way home, planning to make something secret for the recipient. Everyone came through with a variety of lovely swapped items, and there's talk of doing this sort of swap again in 2018.

Here's our Show & Tell:

Yvonne Fisher

Another one by Yvonne Fisher

And yet another colorful masterpiece by Yvonne Fisher

Michelle Thompson

Melissa Everett

Phyllis Dermer

Phyllis Dermer

Phyllis Dermer

Misty Benson

Erin Keegan

Sandy Donoho

Liz Upchurch

KMQG Chair Jennifer Grace and her husband are the new owners of the Whistlestop Quilt Retreat in Sweetwater, TN, and members of the guild volunteered to piece the following quilt tops that Jennifer will finish for the retreat beds.

Rosalind Woodard

Sarah Elliott

Phyllis Dermer

Pat Pike

Yvonne Fisher

Sandy Rea

Jennifer Grace

We reviewed our 2017 Quilt Resolutions, and Sandy Donoho was the big winner, having achieved all 5 of her resolutions! We'll set new quilt resolutions for 2018 at our January meeting. We also played a quilty scavenger hunt game, with Michelle Thompson coming up with the most quilt-related items on hand at the meeting.

Next meeting: Saturday, January 20, 10:30-12, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Knoxville