Saturday, October 15, 2022

KMQG Block of the Month 2022: Block 9, Geese in a Row


We're finally approaching the end of our block of the month series, and the penultimate design is Geese in a Row. This block is unique in that the geese are pieced in rows the width of the block, with no half-square triangles.

***When sewing this block, it's important to take care with your seam allowances. They should be a scant 1/4" -- and if you're really worried, I'd shave another scant off of that! There is no excess built into the vertical measurement of this block, although you will have a little extra width to trim it to 12.5" unfinished at the end. You may want to sew two practice strips and piece them together, making half a block, to check your seam allowance and sizing. 

Cutting Instructions for ONE BLOCK:

Color A: Four pieces 3.5" x 6.5" -- these are the center geese

Color B: Eight pieces 3.5" x 7" -- these go on either side of the geese

Piecing Instructions

1. Lay out the 4 color A rectangles and position 1 color B rectangle perpendicular on the right-hand corner, and extending up as pictured. Draw a line from upper right to lower left where the two pieces intersect, as pictured.

2. Sew on the line and then trim the corner off with a 1/4" seam allowance.

3. Open and press toward the color B strip.

4. Flip the pieces around so that the color B strip you've just sewn is on the left. Position the other color B strip on the opposite corner of the color A strip, perpendicular but extending down this time. *** It's important to get the positioning correct or else you won't achieve the flying goose shape. Draw a line from upper left to lower right where the two pieces intersect, as pictured. You can start to see the goose shape at this point.

5. Sew on the line and then trim the corner off with a 1/4" seam allowance.

6. Open and press toward the color B strip to reveal your 4 flying goose strips.

7. Fold each strip in half to find the center and finger press. Then align the centers and sew the strips together. Press seams toward the top of the block, as pictured.

8. Your block should be 12.5" x 13-ish". Trim the width for a 12.5" square unfinished block.

KMQG Block of the Month 2022: Block 8, Circle in a Circle

This post is a little belated (sorry!), but September's design for our block of the month is a circle in a circle, or a ring, or whatever you want to call it! This block can be cut using templates (if you have them) and pieced in quadrants, appliqued onto a solid background (like shown above), or created using any other method you may like. Choose your own adventure!

We've provided some instructions for the pieced method here, but you will need to buy or make your own templates.

October 2022 Meeting Recap

Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild met on Saturday 15 October at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Upcoming Quilting Events

Tuesday October 18th 6:00 – 8:30pm: ‘History Under the Covers’, our member Merikay Waldvogel will show antique quilts from the Museum of East Tennessee History’s Quilt Collection at the East Tennessee History Center, South Gay St, Downtown Knoxville.  

Free to attend in person or online, 

Register at

Currently: Registration is open for QuiltCon 2023 (Atlanta). QuiltCon is February 23-26, 2023.

You can also sign up for the MQG Mini Swap! Participants may elect to swap in person at QuiltCon or by mail in February. Sign up via link at

Wed, October 23, 2 pm: Textile Talks -- Laura Petrovich-Cheney: From Threads to Splinters. Register at

Wed, October 26, 2 pm: Textile Talks -- Interview with Suzy Williams aka Suzy Quilts. Register at

Charity Quilts

Three more quilts - one finished, and two just waiting for their binding.

Two of these are collaborative quilts using blocks pieced by a number of members, and one uses blocks donated by Liz Upchurch and pieced by Elizabeth.

We will start on another charity quilt using 'Almost an Echo' blocks which will be collected in November and December meetings.  Details of the block pattern and color palette will be sent out by email.

KMQG Block of the Month 2022

The 9th and penultimate block was revealed - 'Geese In a Row'.

Details will be sent out by email and will appear as a post on this site.

KMQG Show 2023

A reminder and call for quilts for our Quilt Show which will showcase modern quilts by Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild members and will run March 3-31, 2023 at the Emporium in downtown Knoxville.

Show & Tell

Show & Tell this month included some of the quilted coats from the quilted coat mini-retreat last month.








Kelly (front, and pieced back of this quilt)



Annie's gift from her previous guild



Next meeting:  Saturday 19 November 2022