Sunday, April 18, 2021

Member Spotlight: Charla Brown

The April Member Spotlight is focused on Charla Brown. 🔦 Keep reading to learn more about Charla.

How long have you been quilting?

Just about a year and 4 months!

Who or what inspired you to start quilting?

I wanted to learn how to quilt for years, but I had never even sewn. Finally, my mother in law got me a sewing machine for Christmas in 2019. I made my first quilt, and haven't stopped since!

Tell us about the first quilt you ever made.

I found a blog through pinterest of "the perfect beginner quilt" using half hexies. I definitely could have made something easier if I'd know any better. 😅 But I picked out barely coordinating fabrics from Hobby Lobby and just went with it! It took about 3 months to finish because I hand quilted it, but I still love that quilt. And I always remember how far I've came since it.

What is your favorite quilt you’ve ever made?

I made a baby quilt using the Suzy Quilts campfire pattern with floral and pinks. I love it so much I'm planning a king size one in almost the same fabrics!

What kind of sewing machine(s) do you have?


What is your favorite sewing tool or notion?

Thread! I love picking colors and sizes to create different quilted looks.

Who is your favorite fabric designer?

Bonnie Christie or Sharon Holland

What are your favorite colors to use in quilts?

Any dark colors. Dark blue, dark green, dark purple, etc, et

Describe your quilting style in one word.


What other hobbies do you have?

I love to read, bake, and go camping!

Do you collect anything? (Other than quilting fabric, of course!) If so, what?


What is your favorite movie?

Can I pick a TV show instead? Probably Jane the Virgin.

What is your favorite book?

Either Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers or Four Winds by Kristin Hannah.

Who is your favorite author?

This is hard! Potentially Kristin Hannah, but I also really enjoy Lisa Gardner.

Do you have a celebrity crush and who is it?

I would have said no, but my husband said I like Jude Law so probably him 😂

What is your favorite food?


Coffee or tea?


Sweet or savory?


If you were a dessert, what would you be and why?

A lemon cookie. Cookies are a classic favorite and lemon is the best tangy sweetness!

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what five things would you want to have with you (not things you need to survive, but things you would want to have)?

A comfy bed. Is an entire library one thing? A huge quilt to work on hand quilting. A board game/card game. And my husband if he can count.

What is your dream job?

A zoo keeper (it was almost my real job!)

Where is your dream vacation destination?

The UK

Which is your favorite season?


If you won millions in the lottery and had to selfishly spend it on yourself, what would you treat yourself to?

Traveling the world

Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?


When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I started a business in March. That was definitely a first.

Would you rather be able to run at 100 miles per hour or fly at 10 miles per hour and why?

Fly! Seems like you would miss a lot running that fast.

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