Sunday, August 22, 2021

Member Spotlight: Heather Wilson🔦

 It's time for another Member Spotlight post! This month we're learning more about Heather Wilson.

How long have you been quilting?

I have been officially quilting for 18 months. I have made other quilts in previous years, but I did not even know about things like the 1/4" seam or proper ways to cut.

Who or what inspired you to start quilting?

I have been sewing for 41 years, but I wanted to expand my skills and the artistic abilities of sewing. As I began checking out quilt books and magazines from the library, I was fascinated by the depth of information, skill, creativity and community within quilting.

Tell us about the first quilt you ever made.

Because I sew for hire, I make anything people ask me to make! So, I did make several quilts for people over the last 10 years, such as T-shirt quilts, and a throw for me out of some bird fabric I loved. But, I used generic batting, not great material, and those 5/8" seams:)

I actually taught a quilting class to a homeschool group of girls, ages 10 and up about 12 years ago. I bought a book that had one quilt block per month/season. I cut all the fabric up and when the girls came, we sat at multiple machines and sewed, they also had applique and buttons they learned to sew on. We made those into quilts and I actually bought binding, since I did not know I could make my own.

What is your favorite quilt you’ve ever made?

My favorite completed quilt is a black, white and red one I just made for my oldest daughter. It was my first QAL and had some traditional blocks and applique, but I made it more modern with negative space, the fabric choices and all the love that I put into it!

What kind of sewing machine(s) do you have?

I have a Singer Featherweight from 1948. I have three other hand-me down sewing machines, since I am often teaching sewing lessons. My main workhorse now is a Viking Jade, it is affordable and serves me well in alterations and quilting. I bought it for the larger throat and price point.

What are your favorite colors to use in quilts?

All of the color wheel! I am not a neutral girl.

What other hobbies do you have?

I am a birder (a.k.a. bird-watcher), I have a life list of 222 species. I am also an avid reader- generally I have one fiction and non-fiction book, and at least one classic going at all times. I am also a crocheter for pleasure and for work.

Do you collect anything? (Other than quilting fabric, of course!) If so, what?

I am actually a minimalist, which does not always match well with quilting fabric stashes.

What is your favorite movie?

Pride and Prejudice

What is your favorite book?

My Bible, but after that, Jane Eyre or Les Misérables

Who is your favorite author?

Jane Austin

What is your favorite food?


Coffee or tea?

Green or white tea

Sweet or savory?

Dark Chocolate.

What is your dream job?

I already did my dream job, to homeschool my kids for 20 years. And now, I get to still be their mom!

Where is your dream vacation destination?

Touring Alaska for several months

Which is your favorite season?


If you won millions in the lottery and had to selfishly spend it on yourself, what would you treat yourself to?

A tiny house, on land, out west. Of course, the tiny house would have to have a built-in tiny sewing area. I don't believe in using the kitchen table and having to deconstruct every project to eat.

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